Modway attainment drafting chair is an ergonomic drafting chair which can be used for multipurpose. This chair can be used as studio chair, you can easily practice guitar while sitting in this chair, architecture drafting can also be done and it pair up greatly with drafting tables and can be used for painting and sewing. The most important function of this chair is its arms which can be flip up, so more space is created and it becomes easy to practice on it.

This chair can also be used at the reception of a firm or business. Receptionist can easily welcome the visitors while comfortably sitting on the chair. The height of the chair can be adjusted accordingly. The adjustment range of the chair is 22.5- 30 from the ground level. This chair can be adjusted according to your need. Suppose you want to stand while at work but in between you also prefer to sit down then this chair is best chair which you can buy for your office purpose. It works as a companion of standard desk.

The chair has lower back lumbar support, the seat is padded with waterfall mesh in order to help in keeping posture of thighs and back in a perfect way, the chair can be rotated in any direction i.e. 360 degree. You can tilt seat as per your wish and knob to control plus tension is also present.

modway drafting stoolThe modway attainment drafting chair is perfect for movie editing purpose. Since movie editing takes a lot of time and a person’s body may start aching because of sitting on an uncomfortable seat for a long time. What is needed during movie editing is a good comfortable chair and modway attainment drafting chair is the one you need to buy. This chair has all the qualities which requires while doing video editing. You can see how Modway comapres to other drafting chairs here. You can adjust the height of arm rest, the material of the chair is waterfall mash which don’t let you to feel tired and it is designed for efficiency and providing comfort for people who work for hours. You won’t feel tired sitting on this chair and since movie editing is a long procedure this chair makes sure you feel comfortable and do not feel restless. It design and material provide maximum rest to the person and it also provide lower back support.

The weight of this chair is approximately 330g and it has extra big gas cylinder and the chair is stylish and the design of the chair is modern. It dimension is 23*25.5*51.5 inches. This chair is available in two colors brown and black, both colors look amazing.

The price of the chair is $115.81 and it is one of the best chairs in this price range. And you will get a manufacture warranty also. The reviews of this product are very high and most of the people who bought it found it useful and comfortable.

Thus, this chair is best for long hours of work and for people who looking for modern style as well as comfort.